Kudzu Blossom- Large Wax Melts

Kudzu Blossom- Large Wax Melts

Tennessee Candle Company

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Tennessee Candle Company- Kudzu Blossom large wax melts:

Kudzu Blossom, by Tennessee Candle Company, is a very fitting scent for the mid-south Tennessee region. Kudzu is a plant which is very popular in Japan but which has spread abundantly in the S.E. of America. The plant is used for erosion control, and its ability to enrich soil with essential nutrients, & its vines can be seen almost swallowing forests whole as they climb & hang from trees in the southern humidity. However, the up-side is the surprisingly sweet aroma of the Kudzu blossom. Kudzu has a unique aroma, described as sweetened grapes with fresh greenery notes and floral undertones. We think you’ll find this scent delightful in both large wax tart melts AND canles.

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