Artisan Soaps

"WE ARE MORE THAN CANDLES!" All of our artisan soaps by Tennessee Candle Company are hand-crafted and poured in small batches. We are not a chain, so we are not bound by chains. Each soap is a unique work of craftsmanship. Most of our soaps are cold-process soaps, with the exception of a few (but not all) embeds that are made with goat milk melt-and-pour or glycerin soap. Some embeds are poured with cold process soap or hand-molded with cold process soap dough.

We use the finest and most natural ingredients, additives, botanicals, clays and oils possible, and choose organic when available. Our philosophy is, "Do not make a soap that you wouldn't want to create for and use yourself." In this respect, we have your skin in mind when creating. Some are earthy, some are fun, elegant and whimsical in design. Whatever your choice of style or scent, you can be assured that each has been handled with an artist's touch. Feel the luxury, and enjoy our soaps in your bath or shower, or enjoy giving them as a gift for someone to do the same! Each soap has ingredients listed under the item on their respective pages. 


*Any fragrance oil that contains vanillin in it, an organic compound & primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean, may naturally darken slightly over time. This is a natural process and occurence, and is purely aesthetic in nature and not harmful at all. Our soaps are cured for the desirable amount of time necessary, but continued color change, due to small amounts of vanillin in few soaps, may still occur & lessen over time.