Tumbler Candles- White or Amber Glass - Cotton Wick

These up-scale and elegant candles bring a sophistication to the room. These are offered in amber or white glass, depending on the scent or season, and come with a natural cotton wick. Each candle has 9 ounces of highly-fragranced soy blend wax, and have the color of natural wax, with no added color. If the color of the wax varies slightly, it is due to the naturally-occuring slight differences in color of the added oils themselves. It is best to burn candles to receive a full melt-pool of wax across the entire top of the candle before blowing the flame out. This helps to promote proper burning of wicks, as the wax will burn more evenly down when re-lighting.  Simply blow the candle out and relight again at the time of your next burn.