Wax Tart Melts

Our wax tart melts, by Tennessee Candle Company, are known for having a VERY strong cold and hot throw, and for having scents that outlast many others on the market. Each melt is made of highly-fragranced soy blend wax, and are colored according to scent. The wax tarts can be used in large or small wax warmers, both table-top or outlet. If the dish of your small warmer is small, you may cut the cubes to the size you would like, and even cut and mix and blend several different scented melts to create a new scent combination. When your wax melt has run its course and the scent has mellowed, simply let your warmer cool down, scoop the cool & hardened wax out with a spoon and discard in the garbage. Do not pour hot or cold wax down your sink drain. Wipe your warmer out with a paper towel, to prepare it for the next wax melt, and to avoid the altering of your next scented melt. These wax melts can be used in most commercial wax warmers, including Scentsy. Do not leave your wax burning unattended where animals or small children may interfere with the hot wax.

We hope that you enjoy our wax tart melts as much as we enjoyed creating them with you in mind!