Molasses Cookie- Wax Melts

Molasses Cookie- Wax Melts

Tennessee Candle Company

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Tennessee Candle Company-Molasses Cookies large wax melts:

If you love Molasses cookies, you will LOVE this new scent by Tennessee Candle Company, inspired by owner and candlemaker, Marjie Sanderson, whose baking specialty every Christmas is molasses cookies from scratch. This candle scent is her custom blend of many oils made to duplicate the delicious home-baked molasses cookies she learned to bake with her mother as a child. Marjie’s Molasses Cookies will remind you of the richness of dark blackstrap molasses, buttery notes mixed with ginger, cloves, nutmeg, & cinnamon, topped with sugar, and all wrapped into one candle for you. And, of course, made with love🧡

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