Holly Leaves & Berries-Felted Soap

Holly Leaves & Berries-Felted Soap

Tennessee Candle Company

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Tennessee Candle Company Felted Soap- Holly Leaves & Berries:

This holiday-themed Holly Leaves and Berries soap is wet-felted with wool roving, and then hand needle-felted to design the cutest Holly Leaves & Berries soap. Use this soap and the felt as an exfoliator and luxury wash. The wool shrinks with the soap. When the soap is gone, you can slice an area to slip a new soap inside, fill with potpourri, or use as a decoration. These are needle felted by artist and soapmaker, Marjie Sanderson, at Sanderson Family farm in Kenton, TN.


Felted Soap is a washcloth and soap all in one! Felting the soap helps with longevity, lather and exfoliation. Felted soap dries out faster after each use, preventing the natural glycerin from dissolving as quickly. This makes the bar of soap last longer for you to enjoy. The felting also helps with the grip on the soap. It is easier to handle and hold onto. Felted soap is perfect for traveling and there is no need for a travel soap case! The felt will diminish at the same rate as the soap. The wool is anti-fungal and may be continued to be used after the soap is gone inside. We use 100% wool roving.

Benefits of felted soap

Quite simple, felted soap is a bar of soap that has been covered in raw wool and felted. 
It has many benefits. 
*Lasts 6x as long as a regular bar of soap. 
*Offers a light loofah action as you wash
*No slip surface
*No need for a wash cloth, it's built right in. 
*Wool is a natural antibacterial, so no worries about mold or mildew.

*The original felted designed pouch can be re-used after the soap disappears. Simply cut or tear a small opening in the wool, and insert a new bar of soap. Lathering it under water will help for the wool to stick to the new soap.

* The wool can also be used to insert potpourri or scented beads, and then placed in a drawer or closet to offer your favorite scent in those locations. 

*You can insert sugar or salt scrubs into the wool pouch to use in a bath or shower after the original soap is diminished.


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