Cinnamon Stick- Large Wax Melts

Cinnamon Stick- Large Wax Melts

Tennessee Candle Company

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Tennessee Candle Company-Cinnamon Stick large wax melts:

Cinnamon Stick, by Tennessee Candle Company, is a full bodied, warm & comforting scent, in a richly spiced wax melt. True to the smell of whole cinnamon sticks, this strong woody scent has notes of cinnamon leaf and toasted nutmeg, fresh ground cinnamon and a hint of crushed clove in the main body, followed by vanilla, tonka, and cinnamon bark in the base. Cinnamon leaf and cassia leaf essential oil infusions reinforce the aromas, so the distinctive, spicy kick of cinnamon shines. This scent will take you back to the holidays, or a cozy fall or winter tea or potpourri.

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