Mason Jar Wood Wick Candle

Tennessee Candle Company's mason jar wood wick candles are hand-poured in small batches, and highly fragranced appropriately, and according to scent. Each has a color scheme to evoke the feeling of each fragrance. Scents vary depending on the season, and some are offered year-round as part of our all-season regular line. Mason jars are filled with 11 ounces of our soy blend, and have a natural wooden wick, which has a soft crackle when burning. Our candles last a VERY long time. Our bronze rustic lid finishes the look of each of our candles, and is a wonderful lid to keep and reuse or repurpose.

Wooden wicks are 100% natural products, and give an earthy look and feel to our mason jar candles. Each candle should be burned for periods of time that create a full melt-pool of wax across the surface, in order to avoid "tunneling" (or softening of wax just immediately next to the wicks). This is true for all candles. You do not need to trim the wicks, simply burn and then blow them out, and re-light again at the time of your next candle-burn. Avoid burning candles under or next to a fan or ceiling fan, or in front of a breezy window.

We truly hope you enjoy your candles as much as we enjoy creating them for you!